Omar Ramos Photography

Tips for your session:

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR MEN AVOID: Sun exposure for 1-2 days prior to headshot session. WARDROBE: Wear what you think looks best on you and bring two alternate choices. Contrary to popular belief there are no absolutes when selecting clothing for portraits. If you feel good in what you are wearing your confidence will come through. In general solids are better than patterns. If you want a casual look you can go for a tee-shirt or polo shirt. Black is always great. Simple is better. Make sure all clothing is pressed and lint free. For business shots, dark solid jackets worn over a colored shirt and nice tie seem to make nice shots. Alternatively a jacket with dress shirt and no tie is also a good look. AVOID: All-white shirts unless worn under a jacket. Avoid busy patterns and logos

MAKE-UP: Not usually needed for me but do moisturize your skin and use a lip moisturizer so lips do not look dry.  HAIR: Hair should be clean and dry. Hair is best worn in a natural every day hair style. Please make sure your hair is cut and styled the way you like.

GROOMING AND SKIN: Please arrive camera ready. If you wear facial hair, make sure it is well-groomed, including your eyebrows. The rest of your face should be fresh shaven. Your session includes basic retouching and that does not include razor stubble. You may choose to bring your razor to the shoot and shave before we start. For actors - you may wish to do a scruffy look and a clean shaven look. That is fine, you can shave at the studio. But shaving a heavy beard is NOT recommended as your face will be irritated. Blemishes are easily retouched - don’t worry

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR WOMEN WARDROBE: Contrary to popular belief, there are really no absolutes when selecting wardrobe for headshots. So please bring anything that feels good and looks good on you. In general solids are better than patterns. Make sure you try on your top with your bra and check in bright light with mirror to see how it looks. Studio lights are bright and may shine through thin fabrics. Make sure the top you choose flatters you. If you love your arms - tank tops can work nicely. However, long sleeves work better than short sleeves. Neutral solids tend to be better. Avoid pastels if you have light skin tone - they can wash you out. Consider modeling your tops for a friend and taking some quick closeup photos with a phone so you can see yourself. Simple is better. Fitted and tailored clothing works best. Loose or baggy tops will make you look larger than you desire. If you have long dark brown or black hair and then wear black, your hair will blend more into the clothing, so you may want to consider a lighter colored top. As we age, lighter colors may be more flattering and fresh than all black as darker colors near face can draw more attention to wrinkles. AVOID: Busy patterns, plaids or stripes. Short sleeved tops where sleeve is loose on arm. Shiny fabrics like silk or satin. White or Off White can work nicely depending on skin tone. Pastels are generally bad. NO jewelry for actor headshots. Jewelry is fine for Corporate Headshots MAKE-UP: Wear what is comfortable for you and makes you look great but natural. Mascara - YES. Lipstick close to your natural lip color - YES. Do not wear too much face powder over foundation - digital is sharp and too much powder will be too evident and impossible to retouch. Consider having a professional do your make-up for you. We can book this for you. If booked with artist - arrive with a clean face and NO sunscreen. Avoid sun exposure. Blemishes are easily retouched - don’t worry. HAIR: Wear your hair natural and comfortable for what you like. If you have unruly hair seek professional help from your regular stylist. Consider booking a professional do your hair for you when you have your make-up done. We can book this for you. If booking with the stylist, wash and blow dry hair the night before. If you are getting an up-do, wash your hair the day before so it is not too soft, this way your hair will better hold the style Apply all the products you normally use and blow dry. If you have long hair and you want to put some curls in it; it would be best if you wash it the night before and then wet it again in the morning, apply products you normally use and then blow dry with your head down. This way your hair won’t be too soft to hold the curl and it will have some volume from the root. If you need a blow out, wash your hair the morning of your appointment and use your regular styling products, but don’t overdo it. GROOMING AND SKIN: It is very helpful if prior to your appointment to wax and manicure your eyebrows and remove facial fuzz. Removing hair from the skin ensures that your foundation goes on smoothly and that any applied powder will not become attached to those fine hairs, which are very visible in your close-up digital photographs. You can do this easily by going to a drug store and purchasing a depilatory cream. Popular brands include Sally Hansen and Oil of Olay. To make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction conduct a patch test a few days before. You may also use a traditional disposable razor and just shave it. Yes, shave it! It is a myth that by shaving the hair it will grow back darker and thicker, plus by removing the top layer of the dead skin cells exfoliates, and can result in tightening and plumping up of the skin through constant cellular rejuvenation. So ladies, don’t be afraid to go for it and then use your favorite serum right after. For the session come with a clean face, only use a moisturizer and an eye cream. DO NOT USE any SPF.

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