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What I've learned from 2013

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Well 2013 has come to an end and it is the time we contemplate all the events that has impacted are lives the past year. No I am not going to list my top ten things I need to improve on for 2014, though it will much longer than ten. I do want to reflect on a few nuggets of what I gained from 2013.

1. It is okay to pick up old dreams. And what I mean is that so many of us had dreams that we have had to lay down and not pursue because of life events. Maybe it was do to family pressures, illness, working a demanding job or just no time. I've had to lay down my dreams for awhile but I am so ecstatic I am able to pursue them again in 2013.

2. Never to old. I truly believe that this past year was rebirth of my youth and I have been able to start where I left off so many years ago. No I'm not a spring chicken but I'm excited every moment that I pick up my camera. I'm full of energy every time my phone rings about a new opportunity.

3. Love where you are at that moment. I learned to stop looking at the clock of my life and just enjoy the moment I am in. I used to think that I had to work faster and harder for a place in life I thought I needed to be in yet never stopping to enjoy the place I was already at. 

4. Have fun and enjoy the ride.  Happy New Year everyone and let's get excited about 2014!