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It's Time to Get Headshots! Best Practices on Setting Up a Successful Shoot!

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So now it's time to replace the headshot photo that you have been using for the past five years! The selfie photo you posted on LinkedIn makes you look so unprofessional recruiters pass by your profile. Now you find yourself having to get photos taken and you are terrified.

Here are a few tips to help you make the process of selecting a photographer a little bit easier.

1. Selecting a photographer.

Fall in love with the photographers work! And what I mean by this is that you want to hire a photographer based on what he shows you and not based on someone else's work. What you see should be what you expect from that photographer. Look at his portfolio, ask questions, know exactly what you are paying for. What is included in the services? Do they have a studio or they only outdoors? What is their backup plan if it rains?

Pricing also can vary so much in this market but I can guarantee you that true professional photographers do not give their work away for free. They are normally accredited with a professional organization and follow regional and national guidelines for pricing. 

2. What are you using the photos for?

So your company needs you to get new headshots for their website or you may need acting or model headshots to submit to agencies. It is so important to consult with your photographer on what is required for your submission. What type of lighting, backdrops, whether shooting outdoors or studio, provide as much information before you schedule your session. The more you are the more prepared your photographer will be.

3. Clothes, clothes, clothes!

So after selecting your photographer it is time to prepare for your session. I cannot express where a lot of people miss on this very important part of their shoot. The purpose of taking professional headshots is to be seen on various media. Your wardrobe has to be on point! Consult with your photographer on what the bests being photographed. Take advantage of their expertise they understand what works best for your end results.

4. Makeup and Hair.

The common rule for professional headshots is to be as natural as possible. With the advent of photoshop retouching the tendencies can be very dramatic and unrealistic. You want your photos to be sharp and natural as possible. Recruiters, talent representatives and modeling agencies really do not like surprises. 

Make time to prepare yourself for your session. Make that hair appointment. Have your eyebrows done and if you are not proficient with makeup hire a makeup professional. The same goes for men. Proper grooming is a must before you come in for your session. You are a making a significant investment to market yourself so these added steps will help insure amazing images.

5. Finally Have fun!

As with point number one chose a photographer that not only you enjoy their work but that you can connect with. Being in front of a camera can be very intimidating but a photographers goal is to make you forget that you are being photographed! The more relaxed and comfortable you are the more natural the photos appear. 


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