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The New Faces of Texas

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Well it’s been awhile that I have had a moment to place an entry on my blog. Maybe I can have someone crank up some articles for me while I continue to put food on the table. Anyway enough about me this is about three beautiful young models I have had the privilege of photographing recently.

If you have been in this industry as long as I have you can always see the difference between pretenders and driven individuals. These young women have proven that they are serious about their modeling and acting careers.


Tiffany Marie

2018-2019 Miss Mundo Latina Teen USA

I began modeling career at 16 and my passion for modeling has been my focal point in my life. I am currently studying acting at John Casablancas to expand my opportunity in the industry. I have competed in the Miss Mundo latina USA National pageant in Orlando Florida and won in the teen category. I received two trophies for most beautiful face and most popular. I am dedicating my time on becoming an inspiration for young girls and teach the importance of inner beauty.


Zury Ulloa

My name is Zuryvette Ulloa and I am a 16 year old model who models quinceañera dresses designed by Mitzy. I’ve modeled and done runways for about a year and only recently started doing photo shoots with local photographers. But, a goal I have set is to model for the best photographers in the nation. My main goal is to model full time and make it my full time career. Learn more about the industry and become the best that I can be.


Bri Lopez

My name is Brianna Lopez, and I'm a twenty-one year old native Texan. When it comes to my ethnicity I am a mixture of Cuban, Mexican and Native American. Modeling is something I've always had a passion for. I put a pause on modeling until I finished college. The time has come, and my main goal is to become an IMG model.