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How to have the best Senior Portraits of 2015!

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Well we are well into the Senior portrait season and it seems that year after year I have two groups of Seniors, the prepared and the not prepared.  So I hope this post will help my future Seniors prepare for their sessions and get the most out this great experience. 

2015 Senior photo

First thing - Do not schedule at the last minute! I see too many Parents and Seniors schedule their sessions as an after thought. Part of the senior year experience is your senior portraits. This is your celebration in pictures and stepping into a new faze in your life. I recommend scheduling your shoots several weeks in advance so you can plan and not rush.

Second - Get the right clothes! I can't tell you how many times a Senior would show up to the studio with just a couple of T-shirts. You at least want to bring 3 or 4 full outfits with a variety of shoes and accessories.  If you do not know what to wear it is always good to call a friend. This is always a great excuse to go shopping!

Third - Hire a makeup artist. Yes I know you do your own makeup and you fancy yourself an artist but for your senior photos you want to hire a professional makeup artist. Professional makeup artists understand how much application is necessary for photography and how to provide coverage a for a day of shooting.  They can achieve the right tones and blend to create a natural and polished look.

Mac Makeup
Makeup should not be overpowering but only to highlight your natural beauty.

Makeup should not be overpowering but only to highlight your natural beauty.

Third - Hire a photographer that fits your unique style. No one photographer is for everyone, example a professional baby photographer may not have the right connection to you as senior in high school. Do your homework, interview your photographer and make sure you love their work.

Last but not least - Enjoy yourself! Your photos are to reflect you and your interests. This is you at your best and we want to capture it. If you follow these simple tips your experience will be as advertised.

BTWHSPVA 2015 Senior

BTWHSPVA 2015 Senior

Third Edition of Dance

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I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many talented individuals in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Not to mention the incredible dancers that came through the world renowned Booker T. Washington High School of the Visual and Performing Arts. And this young dancer is no exception to the rule. 

Zaria JaNae has always had a love for dance since the age of three. Zaria is now a junior Booker T. Washington High School of the Visual and Performing Arts. She is a member of the BTW World Ensemble under the direction of Ms. Michelle Z. Hall and studies at the Dallas Black Dance Theatre.

Over the years Zaria continued to grow and develop into a powerful and energetic dancer. She has received professional dance training from world-renowned choreographers such as: Bubba Chuck Davis, Debbie Allen, Juel D. Lane, Clifford Williams and Dorell Martin.

When it comes to strength, energy and floor presence I'm not sure anyone can match this young star. I look forward to seeing her perform in this season BTW World Ensemble and for years to come.

Zaria JaNae Dance