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Third Edition of Dance

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I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many talented individuals in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Not to mention the incredible dancers that came through the world renowned Booker T. Washington High School of the Visual and Performing Arts. And this young dancer is no exception to the rule. 

Zaria JaNae has always had a love for dance since the age of three. Zaria is now a junior Booker T. Washington High School of the Visual and Performing Arts. She is a member of the BTW World Ensemble under the direction of Ms. Michelle Z. Hall and studies at the Dallas Black Dance Theatre.

Over the years Zaria continued to grow and develop into a powerful and energetic dancer. She has received professional dance training from world-renowned choreographers such as: Bubba Chuck Davis, Debbie Allen, Juel D. Lane, Clifford Williams and Dorell Martin.

When it comes to strength, energy and floor presence I'm not sure anyone can match this young star. I look forward to seeing her perform in this season BTW World Ensemble and for years to come.

Zaria JaNae Dance

Why do I love photographing dancers?

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It's funny if you would have asked me 25 years ago that three of my children will all be performing dancers I would have laughed my head off! Well as fate will have it I am proud to be called a Dance Dad! I am one who've sat and waited through endless rehearsals in the parking garage asleep! I have ran to the store to pick up special pantyhose, run laundry to wash those smelly leotards and stockings. Yes I am a Dance Dad..

Over the last couple of years I really have enjoyed photographing dancers at Booker T. Washington High School of Performing and Visual Arts. Many of these young students are just incredible raw talents with passion, charisma and desire. Here is a photo with Jared Brown a Junior at Booker T. Washington HS a first image in a series called dance.