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History 2.0

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History 2.0 is a collection of the amazing talent I have had the pleasure of capturing over that past few years. I am already working on History 3.0 because it was too much to fit onto one video! Please like and subscribe!

2017 A Year in Portraits

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What an incredible year we had in 2017! It was a banner year in portrait photography and I am in awe of how much we have done. I have met so many incredible people this year who have now became my friends and colleagues. I just want to thank all the amazing talent I have had the privilege to have in front of my lens. A special thanks to Fanchon Fai Watson who became my go to for so much this year and Kieone Young who carried the load for me. Thank you to all who have assisted me this year who have held a light or reflector without you all many of the shots would not have happened. Last but not least my family who continue to support and encourage me to be better every year. As 2017 leaves I look forward to an even greater 2018! Blessings to you all!

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The Color of My Storm

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It seems that everywhere Michelle Gibson goes she brings her infectious energy that all who come in her presence can never forget. Michelle's energy and passion are matched by few when it comes to dance.

Choreographer, educator, and performing artist, she received her BFA in Dance from Tulane University and her MFA in Dance from Hollins University/ The American Dance Festival at Duke University. 

Her teaching practice and choreographic works range from genres of the African Diaspora, Contemporary / Traditional Modern, Afro Funk, Jazz, and her own New Orleans Second Line Aesthetic. 

Cultivating her craft over the past years in an effort to preserve her culture Michelle has been teaching and creating works that are firmly rooted in New Orleans culture and has defined this idea as her own “Second Line Aesthetics ” that she has determined involves both technical and improvised movement, brass music and the embrace of communal ritual.

Sharing her culture aboard Michelle was invited September 2015 to Rennes France teaching her New Orleans Second Aesthetics and Guest Lecture with the Compagnie Engrenage and the festival Le Funk Prend Les Rennes (translated the Funk Takes the Reins).

The festival honored and focused on the brass band culture of New Orleans both music and dance also focusing on Nigerian Afrobeat .

A five year faculty member with American Dance Festival and currently a candidate working towards receiving the Katherine Dunham Technique Certification she has had wonderful opportunities teaching, lecturing, and setting choreography at various intensives, institutions and universities not to mention choreography for several theater companies and live entertainment organizations locally, in the U.S and internationally.

As an freelance artist, New Orleans native, and presently living in Dallas TX Michelle is dedicating her energies, pedagogical practice, and performance based research geared toward cultivating the community and the world aboard. 

Contact Michelle Gibson at

©2016 Omar Ramos Photography All Rights Reserved.


©2016 Omar Ramos Photography All Rights Reserved.

The Music of Denton Latham

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A few months back our team had the distinct pleasure of photographing one of the young rising music stars in the Dallas Metroplex, Mr. Denton Latham.

His unique look and style was a great fit for our studio. Understanding his unique creativity and swagg we were able to collaborate on a striking and timeless promotional images for his brand.

A big thanks to Todd Latham for bringing us all together for this campaign we look forward in seeing Denton on the national stage.

Please check out Denton's Social Media channels.,

A Big thank you to stylist Sally Atkinson for pulling it all together for us and to makeup artist Julissa Mtz for her outstanding work!

Visit Sally at on Instagram at @fashionstyle_sally 

Julissa Mtz at on Instagram at @julissabeauty


© 2016 Omar Ramos Photography 

© 2016 Omar Ramos Photography 

© 2016 Omar Ramos Photography

© 2016 Omar Ramos Photography

© 2016 Omar Ramos Photography

© 2016 Omar Ramos Photography

© 2016 Omar Ramos Photography

© 2016 Omar Ramos Photography

Out with old and in with the new

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If there is one thing I can say about 2015 it is that it went by so fast! I guess it is true that when you are having fun time goes by fast and we had a lot of fun in 2015. I am always amazed that every year that I have been a photographer I always learn something new, have new experiences, go through new doors. 

In 2016 Omar Ramos Photography begins the year with a new partnership with Telethia Hurley to form Hurley-Ramos Wedding and Event Photography. I am so excited to work with Telethia on partnering wedding and event services. Telethia attention to detail and professionalism is outstanding and will help propel this new venture to great opportunity. Our goal is to combine my 30 years of experience and create it's own entity away from my commercial and fashion work. And as for the look of thinks we are of to a great start. Please check our new website at

As Omar Ramos Photography the brand,  we are stronger than ever! 2015 was an incredible year with working with incredible people to create amazing images. I want to thank the many make up artists, stylists and photography assistants that made 2015 a memorable year in pictures. Here is look as some of my favorite photos of 2015. 


New Faces Strut The Runway For Kim Dawson

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Welcome to the 2014 Kim Dawson's Model Search at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco Texas! And yes the line was long with hopefuls from all over North Texas trying to catch the judges eyes as they strut the runway.  Here are a few of  my favorite catwalkers from today's event from strut to strut. Good luck to all who attended!

Well here goes

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I am just amazed on all the tools made available to get a message out to the masses. I never could have imagined that social media has crept its way to almost everyone's life and that primarily all of our interactions or done online.  

Well in away it's cool but I'm an old dog and still enjoy meeting people one on one creating relationships based on sight, touch and voice. I guess that is primarily why I love photography so much! The interaction with your subject, the set design, make up and hair, talking to people!  

So the moral of my post is yes I am using social media to spread my passion of photography, but I do not want to lose myself behind a computer screen or my smartphone. I want to get out there and meet you.


“You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.” 

― Joan Miró